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Our History

In 2001, a group of NHL Scouts and the Boston Junior Bruins staff began kicking around ideas about a better summer tournament format. Something new, yet reminiscent of the Pro-Elite power tourneys of the late 80′s, early 90′s that were so successful and beneficial to players and scouts alike.

It is from this simple premise that the Beantown Classic was born. This four team, invite-only event will feature only ten forwards and six defensemen per team, maximizing ice time and exposure for the truly top players and avoiding the possibility of players getting cold and affecting performance. Furthermore, it protects the players from injury.

The Junior Bruins agreed to handle all administrative and office duties from ice time, to uniforms, to paper work, to programs and everything else. Meanwhile, the group of NHL scouts, would handle on-ice coaching duties.

The invites, which began in early April, are based on evaluations during the past winter season, USA Select Festivals, and select Summer tournaments solely by the Beantown Classic staff. This ensures that only the highest caliber of prospect will be on the ice August 21st through 25th, 2002 at the Valley Forum II.

In 2002, the tournament features players solely from the New England and New York areas. In the future, teams made up of players rated highly by the scouts from outside the area could be involved. This would give the tournament a wider spectrum of geographical cross-section without compromising the quality of play.

In all, the staff of the Beantown Classic is proud and excited to bring you this new, yet retro, look at Eastern hockey beginning this August in Boston.