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10th Annual Women’s Beantown Classic 2019

Tournament Director Kelly Katorji
phone: 519-664-1351

Assistant Director Axton Jaworski
phone: 226-444-1173 (between 9am and 5pm EST)

The Women’s Beantown Classic is going into it’s 10th year! We will be hosting 200+ teams at this year’s event over two weekends in July. The event will be centrally located at New England Sports Center in Marlborough, Massachusetts and a few other neighboring rinks.

Please communicate with directors Axton Jaworski at or Kelly Katorji at if you have questions.


The below dates include the Thursday of each weekend; we intend to do our best to eliminate these games so that all games begin Friday morning.

July 18th-21st, 2019

  • 2004(03)
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • Super Series
  • College Elite

July 25th – 28th, 2019

  • Futures Red
  • Futures Blue

Collegiate/Pro Divisions (present college age players/ex college players/pro league players)

***if you are unsure, please select division (B) when you register and we will place you in the proper spot.

College Divisions (A) (B) (C)

(A) SUPER SERIES: This division will include a min of 4 teams to a max of 6 teams. This division will be based on quality of the team entries.

(B) ELITE: This division will include elite college teams at the D1/D3/CIS level. We expect the majority of the teams to fit into this category.


***Team entry rules are as follows:

  • Note, this division is for College and/or older players. (If you are a young committed player which is happening a lot in this day and age, it is not recommended to play in this division. A minor hockey player should be playing in their respective age group).
  • The following players are permitted:
    • NCAA D1 players, NCAA D3 players, CIS Canadian University Players
    • Grade 12’s who are committed to an NCAA or CIS University, but, this must be approved by tournament director
    • Graduated NCAA or CIS players
    • Girls of any age who were/are presently on a roster for Team Canada, Team USA or Other country Under 18 team

Team Entry Cost: $1825

Individual Entry Cost: $175

Please note, you will not be charged when you register.  We will either create a team of individuals, or find you a team.  If we find you a team, we will delete your registration and you will deal directly with the team that has entered into the event, thus you will pay the coach/manager/organizer of that team.

There will be absolutely NO exceptions to any of these rules as college girls have requested to not allow minor hockey girls into the event excluding the exceptions above.

Futures Divisions Elite Red U19 and Elite Blue U19 (Similar to U19 Hockey age groups)

Future College Prospect players

There will be a few minor exceptions in these  2 divisions.  Our staff will determine these on a team-by-team basis and any of the decisions are final and based on subjective opinions.

The Future's RED Elite Division

***Team entry rules are as follows:

  • NO NCAA or CIS players are allowed at any level (D1, D3, Club, etc)
  • The following players are allowed:
    • 01/02/03 birth years (00’s and 04’s please contact us for approval)
    • Girls committed to a college
  • You may have an exclusive 01, 02, 03 birth team or a combination of these birth years
  • A complete 04 birth team will ONLY be given consideration upon review of the talent level of the roster, 04 teams should be playing in the 04 division with few exceptions
  • Please inform us of the age breakdown of your team

Team Entry Cost: $1995

Individual Entry Cost: $175

The Future's BLUE Elite Division

Future College Prospect players

The Blue division is very similar to the Red division. We break them into two (red/blue) divisions to help maintain competitive balance which allows for better evaluation for any potential recruiters in attendance.

This division is for teams that are not quite sure what level they are, from a talent stand point. We will review your roster along with you to make sure the level is appropriate.

A few notes:

  • Many players in this division will be good players that college scouts will evaluate
  • Birth years may include 00 through 03, (with limits on the younger end of the age groups)
  • We want to keep the divisions age appropriate
  • Our goal is to ensure competitive match ups

Team Entry Cost: $1995

Individual Entry Cost: $175

The Prospects Futures 2004 (03) Division

The 04 (03) Division AAA

Will include teams with 04 and 03 birth years.

***Team entry roster rules are as follows:

  • This is primarily a 2004 elite division, but we will allow 2003 teams on a case-by-case basis (A mix of both is allowed as well)
  • We will match up teams accordingly based on quality
  • If you have an exclusive 2004 team, please limit 2005 players to between 4-6 players (tournament officials will review all rosters)

Team Entry Cost: $1995

Individual Entry Cost: $175

Pre-College Tier 1 2005 Division

The 05 Division AAA

Will include teams with 05 and 06 birth players.

***Team entry rules are as follows:

  • Teams will consist of a majority of 2005 birth year players
  • A limit of four 2006 birth years

Team Entry Cost: $1995

Individual Entry Cost: $175

The 2006 Division

The 06 Division AAA

Will include teams with 06 and 07 birth years

***Team entry rules are as follows:

  • Teams will consist of a majority of 2006 birth year players
  • A limit of four 2007 birth year players

Team Entry Cost: $1995

Individual Entry Cost: $175

The 2007 Division

The 07 Division AAA

Will include teams with 07 and 08 birth players.

***The team entry rules are as follows:

  • Teams will consist of a majority of 2007 birth year players
  • A limit of four 2008 birth year players

Team Entry Cost: $1995

Individual Entry Cost: $175


Q: How do we book hotels?

Please note that we use a stay to play policy for Beantown Classic events. All teams MUST go book through: Teams that do not use one of the approved hotels will not be put on the schedule. Questions can be directed to Mike Anderson (508.820.1600) ext 106 

Q: What division should our team be in?

Discuss this with our staff. They take great care in making sure you are in the right spot.

Q: What's the difference between FUTURES RED and FUTURES BLUE?

Some FBLUE teams are not sure about the quality of their team from top to bottom, thus it is just a way to help us keep the match-ups equal.

Q: Do college scouts watch FUTURES BLUE?

Of course, they watch anyone. Do not let the BLUE label impact you. It’s simply just a way to match up teams for good games and better evaluation. There will be teams who can compete in the RED and play in the BLUE and vice versa. In the end it isn’t an issue.

Q: What arena do we play at?

We do our best to limit locations while giving you as much time in the main facility as possible. This year it may be a seven or eight ice pad facility thus helping us reach that goal.

Q: Is there Monday this year?

At the present time, we will not be including a Monday playoff day.


Tournament Director Kelly Katorji
phone: 519-664-1351

Assistant Director Axton Jaworski
phone: 226-444-1173

Practice Ice Time
please contact the arena’s directly (see above for arena locations)


(A) Team entry deposit is due upon registration once approved

(B) The final amount is due July 1, 2019

(C) For individuals, payment is due upon registration, once approved.