Good luck to all the players participating in the Beantown Summer Classic!!!

5th Annual Beantown Summer Classic!  (updated Oct 14, 2014)


The 5th Annual Beantown Classic will be set for July 30, 2015 to Aug 3, 2015 this year.  The slight date change will occur due to a slight change in the calendar.  We will regularly re evaluate each year the best date for all players and parents.  This year, we are doing our best to keep as many of the games at the NESC as possible in order to help out players and college coaches.  As well, to help limit travel for all involved.  It is a big venture, and Kelly will do his best to take care of all teams and coaches.  The NESC is also in the process of adding 2 extra ice pads, which will even further help all with scheduling.  We will keep you updated on these possible new pads as we draw closer to the event date.  Also look for a few format changes again to help make it even better!  Also note we are altering the hotel format also as last year we did not provide good enough service to you and will do our best to make it much easier for you!

Please email  Kelly Katorji at with questions and your intention to enter a team.  Registration details will be online shortly.